~Why "Family Owned" Makes a Difference~

Did you know for every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $45 stays in the local economy, creating jobs and expanding the city’s tax base? Compare this to the meager $14 that stays in the local economy when $100 is spent at a national chain or franchise store, and you will understand why supporting locally owned businesses matters.

Did you also know non-profits receive an average of 350% more support from local businesses than they do from non-locally owned businesses? The next time you see a flier for a charity event or attend an annual charity golf outing, take a look at the sponsor list. I bet you will notice that most of the support comes from our own backyard of Peoria.

A recent national survey of 1,100 independent businesses found that those in cities with active Buy/Shop Local campaigns fare significantly better over the holidays than those in cities without such campaigns. The reason is simple: local businesses hire people who have a better understanding of the products they’re selling, and take more time to get to know customers. Another benefit to shopping locally is a greener environment. Local businesses are more likely to participate in recycling programs, use local resources and locate themselves near neighborhoods promoting less sprawl, natural habitat loss and traffic congestion.

Shop/Buy local campaigns have launched over the last ten years in cities across America (Portland, New Orleans and Austin) with great success. These campaigns helped to reinvest in locally owned businesses and keep them thriving despite the ups and downs in the economy. Shop Local Peoria, launched at Junction City in May of 2009, is designed to follow these campaigns: educating residents on the importance of shopping local and encouraging them to support local businesses.

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